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Whoa whoa whoa, hold up there friend- in love anon here- I didn't expect you to reciprocate my affections, but I will not tolerate your modesty, sir. You're always very very nice to all of your followers (and I presume everyone else in your life), you're nerdy, which is very cute, you're funny, and not to mention you're not bad on the eyes. I think it's great that you're so open minded and so very chill, and you're just a cool person. It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you. <3

You are so kind, Nonny. Thank you! :)

I know this may seem really weird- but I think you are a perfect human being and I'm a little in love with you.

That is very very sweet of you, Nonny! I’m nothing to make a fuss over though.

Dylan is one of my favourite boys names. Kudos on an awesome name.

Awww thank you, Nonny! :D

When in November is your birthday?

November 5th! :D

I think it's really cool that you're waiting to have sex. I mean like you hear about slut shaming and allowing people to have as much sex as they'd like with whoever they like (legally of course) but you never see any support for people who choose to wait. And that's really important too.

Well I wouldn’t say you never see it, though I do understand if it may seem not as common, or not as frequently voiced. And I think that is because having sex is seen as shameful and terrible by society, mostly towards women. But women face scorn and abuse for either partaking in or abstaining from sex, so it is a fucked up road for all acounts.

But if you ever run into someone who is sex positive, I really believe that means being supportive of everyone’s sexual decisions, which includes waiting. It is, I suppose, just not as much

"Decadent chocolate cake infused with salted caramel, triple chocolate ice cream and hot chocolate sauce" - the dessert menu from a restaurant i went to last night

Mmmmm maker preserve me.

when did you first realize that I, tumblr user officialinquisitor, was the woman of your dreams?

when I realized I’d prefer to have nightmares.


u r the human embodiment of consensual, intelligent sex

Which is ironic seeing as I’ve yet to have sex. :P

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