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My head is full of fire
and grief and my tongue
runs wild, pierced
with shards of glass.

- García Lorca, Federico. Three Tragedies: Blood Wedding, Yerma, Bernarda Alba. (via wordsnquotes)

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have you ever been really, really REALLY drunk?

Nope! Just pleasantly buzzed!

what is your alcoholic drink of choice?

Mike’s lemonade! It doesn’t taste like alcohol so that is a huge bonus. :P


Good evening. Welcome to the six o’clock news. I’m your anchor…

This man is an absolute genious, he is the true Punmaster

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avvars said: ALSO! a good kind of measuring tool is to (in the case of a break up) ask the girlfriend how she would feel if you dated her ex. some girls are super ok with it and some arent (and dating exes is a potential friendship ruiner so keep that in mind)

listen to beth, nonny! she speaks wisdom!

I am honestly astounded by all the asks tonight, everyone! Thank you all! It made my night, honestly!

There's nothing wrong with being a virgin. I regret how I lost mine.

There absolutely isn’t anything wrong with it! I completely agree. I’m sorry your first time wasn’t what you wanted, Nonny.

I love how open you are to sex questions hehe QUESTION I like someone who has a girlfriend. That girlfriend is one of my friends but graduated last year. Crush is a junior. Girlfriend is at college. Idk what to do...what if they break up? Tell my feelings? Help

I’d say in this case to respect the relationship these two people have. If they are happy and content in their relationship, then that is that. It sucks being in a situation like that but that is all you can do.

If they break up, that is something you need to give time. Take it from someone who had an ex date a friend of mine immediately after we broke up. It doesn’t feel good.

what's a romantic dealbreaker for you?

hmmm, well, i’d say someone who is very close minded. not able to seeing things from different perspectives. especially when it comes to some of my deeply held beliefs.

I'm a Virgin and I'm 18. I feel like I'm getting too old and anyone I like wont be a Virgin and that's scary to think about

I understand it can feel really daunting, but it really isn’t to get too worried about, nonny. Virginity is a concept, and really doesn’t hold any meaning.

Take it from a 21 year old virgin.

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